APAICS Annual Report


Editorial Design, Visual Identity

Founded in 1994 by former members of Congress Robert Underwood and Norman Mineta, the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering Asian Pacific American political participation across all levels of government. Since 2018, the organization has introduced a number of new programs and initiatives under new leadership. To record the organization's growth and accomplishments, I designed APAICS' very first annual report, documenting its 2018 fiscal year.

Looking Back

The style of the APAICS brand has changed substantially throughout its twenty-five-year history—a progression mirroring the many design trends and technological changes of the past three decades. In developing the visual language for this report, I began first from a central component of the organization's visual identity: the APAICS wreath and its associated shade of green. Reviewing the organization's extensive back catalog of design collateral, I also chose to incorporate stylistic cues from a subset of the organization's older design materials.